Eureka Mighty Mite Review

Eureka Mighty Mite – Powerful Cleaning of Hard and Soft Surfaces

Eureka Mighty Mite

The Eureka Mighty Mite is a basic wired canister vacuum with several attachments for hard (hardwood, tile, etc.) and carpet floors, furniture, stairs, and ceilings. The lightweight and bright-colored model is equipped with a powerful engine, has a capacious dust container, and needs replacement bags for cleaning.

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The Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G has 9 x 17.5 x 11.63 inches in size and weighs 11.6 pounds to carry it around the house. The dust container is 2.5 liters that allow cleaning a full house a few times before changing the bag. The hose’s length is 6 feet. The Eureka Mighty Mite bags have 10.2 x 1.5 x 15.2 inches.


The Eureka Mighty Mite is rated at 12 amps (1,500W), meaning a powerful suction. The vacuum helps eliminate 100% of the dirt on surfaces without scratching delicate floors. In addition, it easily passes into narrow aisles and under furniture. The machine operates well on thin and medium-pile rugs since it works on suction and has no reels to be tangled in a carpet with a long, rough pile. Nevertheless, it leaves some large debris on thick carpets. It handles baseboards, top of items of furniture, curtains, and easily gets into hard-to-reach areas. The unit produces just a little above average noise during vacuuming.


The Eureka Mighty Mite vacuum is available in blue, purple, and yellow colors. The machine has two plastic large wheels and one smaller wheel. The hose is connected to the front of the vacuum cleaner. It is rather rigid which makes it difficult to maneuver sometimes. The rare part of the appliance has a blower port and a compartment to store some cleaning tools there.

The suction control is made as a slip ring on the hose, and it often moves that forces the user to correct its position. A pair of hooks on the bottom of the canister is designed to wrap the cord around. The Power button is on the top of the canister in front of the black handle. There is no dedicated button on the head of the vacuum to change modes from carpet to tile/hardwood.

The appliance comes with one Eureka Mighty Mite vacuum bag installed, making it necessary to buy spare ones. It has a strong cardboard top that fits onto the attached plastic lip without a problem.

The package includes two plastic brush nozzles and two non-brush ones to use them for different types of surfaces:

  • The bare-floor attachment has a lever on the top to raise or lower the brush with a touch of a foot.
  • Another nozzle fits to clean upholstery interior objects and car seats.
  • A crevice tool helps reach corners and other problematic areas.
  • Dusting brush collects dust from furniture.


The Eureka 3670 mighty mite canister vacuum fits those primarily looking for a device to clean bare floors and hard-to-reach areas. However, the vac’s accessories extend the cleaning options, making the unit more versatile. This model has enough power to handle the most contaminated areas in either large houses or apartments.

Main features

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Carpet Cleaner




Steam Cleaner


Multifunction Vacuum 

Wet and Dry


Motor Power

12 amps

Noise Level

62 dB

Dust Collection




Mobile App Controlled

Telescopic Tube

Full Bag Indicator

Turnable wheels




High Speed Roller Brush

Low Profile Design

Side Edge Brushes

Non-Marring Bumper

Permanent Belt

Power Cord Length


HushTone Technology

On-Board Tools



Vacuum Cord Type



Product Weight

11.9 pounds

Product Size

18.2 x 13.6 x 13.6 inches

Vacuum Floor Type


Dual Action

Hard Floor

Home Vacuum Feature

HEPA Filtration



Washable Filter

Pet Hair