Hoover CH30000 Review

Hoover PortaPower CH30000 — Powerful Commercial Canister Vacuum

Hoover PortaPower CH30000

The Hoover CH30000 review highlights the benefits and issues of a canister vacuum with a reusable cloth bag. It is about the versatile device to clean hard floors, soft coverings, stairs, furniture, rubber bath mats, cars’ interiors, etc. The unit is designed to handle large spaces and frequent cleaning.

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The Hoover CH30000 dimensions are 20.94 x 7.75 x 12.5 inches. Its weight of 8.3 pounds allows cleaning upstairs and downstairs for a couple of hours tirelessly. The orange power cord is 33 feet long, being suitable for medium-sized and large rooms. The hose is 22 inches long and approximately 72 inches when it’s stretched, that is not very much.


The Hoover CH30000 PortaPower lightweight commercial canister vacuum is designed for detailed cleaning but is also suitable for removing dust and pet hair from large surfaces. It’s often used for cleaning patios and sidewalks. A side-channel compressor (vacuum blower) provides a high suction capacity. That’s why this model works well on bare floors (tiles, hardwood, linoleum, and concrete), carpets, removing 100% of dust and pet hair, and such sweepings as rice, sugar, cat litter, dry cereal, etc.

Generally, the Hoover CH30000 vacuum sucks dirt for a single pass despite its single power mode. If it’s necessary to make several passes within the same area, it’s time to check the tool for clogging. I’d also recommend opening the doors or windows while vacuuming since the machine blows air out the back. Note that it produces much noise during the operation.


The vacuum’s construction includes a motor, an air pump, a filter bag, a hose, and a metal wand. A flat head allows cleaning under the low-profile furniture. The Hoover CH30000 has plastic fittings while many other commercial models have metal ones. The SJT cord is robust enough to withstand heavy attachments.

The set of accessories includes a tool for reaching tight places and cleaning inside of vehicles and the head for cleaning bare floors that has bristles but no wheels. There is a lever on this head to hide the bristles if necessary. The multi-surface cleaning head, rug brush with soft bristles for delicate surfaces, crevice tool, and the padded shoulder strap are in the package. It also contains an upholstery tool to clean cushioned furniture and other fabric surfaces. The cord wrap is there to store the cord since the latter is not retractable. The Hoover PortaPower CH30000 lacks storage for attachments, and I had to find my own solution.

The cloth bag is inside the vacuum. Still, it’s possible to use cheaper paper bags for replacement. However, fabric bags are more suitable for removing sharp objects from the surfaces.


The Hoover CH30000 PortaPower is a perfect device for commercial use and for those who have to clean many edges, carpeted stairs, ceilings, and windows. Those having boats and cars will assess its maneuverability and efficiency. It does both small and extensive cleanups. The unit’s low weight and high portability match people who want to acquire a commercial machine but, at the same time, prefer or have to avoid strenuous physical activities.

Main features

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Carpet Cleaner




Steam Cleaner


Multifunction Vacuum 

Wet and Dry


Motor Power

12 amps

Noise Level

62 dB

Dust Collection




Mobile App Controlled

Telescopic Tube

Full Bag Indicator

Turnable wheels




High Speed Roller Brush

Low Profile Design

Side Edge Brushes

Non-Marring Bumper

Permanent Belt

Power Cord Length


HushTone Technology

On-Board Tools



Vacuum Cord Type



Product Weight

8.3 pounds

Product Size

20.9 x 7.8 x 12.5 inches

Vacuum Floor Type


Dual Action

Hard Floor

Home Vacuum Feature

HEPA Filtration



Washable Filter

Pet Hair