Kenmore 21614 Review

Kenmore Progressive Canister 21614: Great Suction Power with Stair Grip

Kenmore 21614

Kenmore Progressive canister 21614 is a corded, bagged vacuum cleaner with a telescopic tube. It’s a basic model with no particular modes for cleaning types or a washable filter. However, it has a large suction power due to a 1320-watt motor, being a pretty good option for users on a budget. Let’s see whether this is enough to acquire the 219614 model.

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Let’s start the Kenmore 21614 review with its physical parameters. It weighs 25.9 pounds (it’s heavy compared with most canister models), having the dimensions of 28 x 16.2 x 14 inches. The cord’s length is 28 feet, and the telescopic hose’s one is 7 feet that is longer than many other canister vacuums have. The head of the vacuum is 4.75 inches, allowing it to slide under the furniture with low clearance. The bag’s capacity is average, being capable of storing 0.8 gallons of dirt.


The Kenmore 21614 Progressive canister vacuum is engineered for cleaning carpets and upholstery, but it works on bare floors well too. I’ve noticed that it cleans low-pile carpets with a single pass. It uses the AirClean tech and HEPA filtration to eliminate smell and harmful particles within the cleaning area. The vacuum produces average noise during the operation. It’s possible to change suction power, making it lower for cleaning small rugs or higher to cope with high-pile carpets, for example. The vacuum has several settings for different floor types based on the carpet’s height.


A blueberry-colored vacuum is a canister model, not an upright construction. It has a turntable wheel called Star Grip in the center of the base to move around the house hassle-free. It’s possible to lock the wheel at a fixed point on the stairs to save the user from having to hold or balance while cleaning the stairs.

This Kenmore vacuum 21614 has an automatic cord winder and the lid to open it and reach the bag. The lid has plastic hinges that operate smoothly. The detents help keep the lid open when the user changes the bag. The full-bag indicator notifies when it’s time to replace the bag. The wand is easy to attach with a single click.

In my Kenmore progressive 21614 review, I’d like to highlight the switch on the crossover handle that allows toggling between cleaning hard floors without a brush and using rotating brushes for carpet cleaning. Besides, the control below adjusts the suction power. The head with brushes has buttons to choose one of 4 floor levels. These buttons and a lever to choose a floor type are conveniently located within the foot’s reach.

Besides, there is a pet-hair attachment (Pet PowerMate), a bare floor brush, a crevice tool for cleaning edges, and a pet hair catcher tool for drapes in the package. The latter cleans, for example, drapes without clogging the hose. Interestingly, the crevice tool is stored right on the handle.


The Kenmore Progressive 21614 vacuum cleaner works wonders with removing dust and dirt from stairs and under furniture. It also copes with bare floors and soft coverings well. Its accessories do their job for cleaning upholstery and drapes. The pet owners will appreciate the efficient Pet PowerMate while people with allergies will be happy to see the HEPA filter in this model. However, those who need to clean the corners carefully might be disappointed since a crevice tool for edges lacks power.

Main features

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Carpet Cleaner




Steam Cleaner


Multifunction Vacuum 

Wet and Dry


Motor Power

12 amps

Noise Level

65 dB

Dust Collection




Mobile App Controlled

Telescopic Tube

Full Bag Indicator

Turnable wheels




High Speed Roller Brush

Low Profile Design

Side Edge Brushes

Non-Marring Bumper

Permanent Belt

Power Cord Length


HushTone Technology

On-Board Tools



Vacuum Cord Type



Product Weight

26 pounds

Product Size

28 x 16.2 x 14 inches

Vacuum Floor Type


Dual Action

Hard Floor

Home Vacuum Feature

HEPA Filtration



Washable Filter

Pet Hair