Severin Vacuum Cleaner Review

Severin Germany Vacuum Cleaner — Canister Vac with Premium Filtration System

If you’re looking for a reliable vacuum cleaner that is powerful and will serve for long, then, the Severin Germany vacuum cleaner is worth considering. It’s fitted with the dust bag, provided with the standard set of nozzles, and range of functions. Still, its good suction power, simple design, and many comfort features like no-kink handle appliance, long cord and hose, good portability make it a wise choice.

Severin Germany Vacuum Cleaner

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The first parameter to note in this Severin vacuum cleaner review is its size and weight. This vacuum is 16 inches long, and its width and height make 9 inches. This is quite compact and will fit most small apartments. The bag capacity makes about 4 liters of dust and small debris meaning the vacuum can be used for several rooms or cleanings without emptying the bag.

The power cord has 20 ft length ensuring the freedom of movement. The cleaner has the 35-inch long telescopic tube and the long hose that ensure easy operation within 930 ft. This is important, as this model of the Severin Germany vacuum is rather heavy (20.2 lbs) and isn’t easy to operate if held in a hand (e.g. to reach the space atop of the wardrobe).


The vacuum cleaner can be used on different surfaces: for hard floors, carpets, and upholstery. There isn’t a pet nozzle, while the good suction power (750W) makes it a good fit for gathering the small pet hair. Accessories are often mentioned in the Severin vacuum reviews, as they are quite versatile and can be used on may surfaces. The set of nozzles let choose the optimal way to gather dust and debris out of floor crevices, carpets, and the furniture. It includes the large parquet cleaning nozzle, the Eco one with the roller, and the big soft handle with the fast click connector. The hose is wide and has the no-kink mechanism at the handle to ensure constant high suction.

The motor is protected with the fleece filter, while the output air is forced through the enhanced HEPA 14 filter known for its high cleaning efficiency (up to 99.995%). The dust bag is made of four-ply microfiber and features the special hygienic lock preventing the small parts and smells from going outside the bag.


The Severin vacuum has a simple intuitive design and is easy to handle. There are two large buttons on the front for turning on and off and pulling the cord back. The cord storage compartment is situated beneath the buttons. The suction knob lets regulate the power thoroughly enabling multiple positions between the Min and Max indicators.

The wheels are big enough to handle the high carpets and middle-sized thresholds and have a flat profile. The lower part of the cleaner has the sturdy wide built-in handle allowing to carry or roll the vacuum along. The open-up button used to reach the dust bag is marked red for quick identification.


The Severin vacuum cleaner is a solid bagged vacuum featuring high suction power and safe operation. It features the hygiene lock, the carbon padding, and the enhanced HEPA 14 filter to keep the air clean. The vacuum cleans various home surfaces efficiently and can reach almost any crevice or tight corner due to the wide choice of nozzles and extra-long tube and cord. Its considerable weight is balanced by the big wheels and sturdy carrying handle making it easy to manage over any surface.

Main features

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Carpet Cleaner




Steam Cleaner


Multifunction Vacuum 

Wet and Dry


Motor Power

12 amps

Noise Level

76 dB

Dust Collection




Mobile App Controlled

Telescopic Tube

Full Bag Indicator

Turnable wheels




High Speed Roller Brush

Low Profile Design

Side Edge Brushes

Non-Marring Bumper

Permanent Belt

Power Cord Length


HushTone Technology

On-Board Tools


Swirl NeutralizAir

Vacuum Cord Type



Product Weight

19.2 pounds

Product Size

21.6 x 15 x 11.5 inches

Vacuum Floor Type


Dual Action

Hard Floor

Home Vacuum Feature

HEPA Filtration



Washable Filter

Pet Hair