iRobot Roomba 870 Review

Roomba 870: Powerful Vacuuming and HEPA Filtration

Roomba 870

The Roomba 870 review presents the test results of a robotic vacuum designed for bare floor and carpet cleaning. It is a device, based on the AeroForce tech with improved airflow for thorough cleaning. The device is made with easy manual control but has no Wi-Fi compatibility for remote management.

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The Roomba 870 has dimensions of 13.9 x 13.9 x 3.6 inches, weighing 8.4 pounds. The size allows it to go under the beds and other furniture, but it’s still crucial to consider their clearance before buying this Roomba. The 1-liter dustbin is an essential advancement.


The Roomba 870 vacuums all the dust and hair from thin and thick carpets, removing cereal, cat litter, rice, sugar, and hair without any issue. The Dirt Detect tech helps the robot reveal the polluted areas and prevents it from doing extra passes. This model doesn’t always remove all the dirt from the edges and corners; that is the problem of many round-shaped vacuums. Besides, it would be more efficient with a longer bristle on the side brush.

The device can work in the Regular mode and the Spot mode for local cleaning. It also has a scheduling mode to program the robot to start cleaning anytime. The iRobot Roomba 870 provides air filtration to eliminate micro-dust and allergens and keep the air clean during the operation.

The robot moves randomly. It uses the iAdapt navigation to map the area when it meets the obstacle. It helps the robot to avoid coming back to the areas that have been already cleaned. The unit also has cliff sensors to prevent it from falling down the stairs. The Roomba 870 battery life is 90 minutes that is more than enough for cleaning any room without a break for charging.

If there are places in the house where the vacuum shouldn’t enter, the user can set the virtual walls up right next to the door frame. In this way, the robot won’t enter another room. The virtual walls can work in the Lighthouse mode to help the robot navigate another room when it finishes cleaning the previous one. The Halo mode allows restricting the vacuum from entering circular areas around the virtual wall in the center of the room. All the nuances of their installation and making other setups are clearly described in the Roomba 870 manual.


The round-shaped device has a carry handle and a large clean button in the center of its matte black faceplate. There are 4 small buttons to make settings there to send the unit to its base, set the local time, schedule, and activate the Spot mode. The bin release button and the obstacle sensor are on the robot’s sides.

Two roller brushes (extractors) underneath have no bristles. They are made of rubber and move towards each other to collect all the pet hair without tangling. Two directional wheels change their height to ensure an easy transition from floors to rugs and from flat surfaces to thresholds.

Two virtual walls, an extra HEPA filter, and batteries are in the package. The only thing the set of accessories lacks is a spare side brush.


The iRobot Roomba 870 vacuum cleaning robot is a straightforward device that is launched via a single click on a button. It requires minimal maintenance and demonstrates high performance on all types of surfaces, removing allergens. It needs a manual start but still can be scheduled to clean when the user is not at home.

Main features

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Battery Capacity

3000 mAH

Battery Life

120 Minutes

Auto Charging

Charging Time

4-5 hours

Cleaning features


Dust bin capacity

1000 ml

Number of cleaning stages


Using area

1000 square feet

Noise level

61 db

Carpet cleaning

Air Filteration


Remote Control


Wi-Fi frequency requires

has not


Drop Sensor Protection


Protective bumpers






Cleaning modes




Single room






Virtual Wall

Time scheduling function

Voice control


1 Year


Product Size

13.9 x 13.9 x 3.6 inches

Product Weight

11.8 pounds