Dyson 206900-01 Review

Dyson 206900-01: Upright Vacuum Cleaner With Ball Technology

The Dyson 206900-01 is a corded upright vacuum cleaner that works great on carpets and hard floors. It uses ball technology which is exclusive only to Dyson cleaners. This technology is known for providing superior stability: the ball houses the core components of the cleaner, lowering its center of gravity. This technology lets you steer, turn, and pivot the cleaner with ease (especially around furniture and obstacles).

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This vacuum cleaner is 42 inches tall, 13 inches long, and 15 inches wide. As you can see, this model is not among the most compact ones on the market but definitely slimmer than many similar upright cleaners. The weight of 17.3 pounds can’t provide portability, so it will be hard to carry the unit upstairs, for example. The cord is 35 feet long.


The Dyson ball 206900-01 delivers 240 airwatts of suction being powerful enough to provide a thorough cleaning on long-pile carpets. With such a suction, this vacuum cleaner also easily picks up pet hair.

The brush is made of stiff nylon bristles. Since it's motorized, it comes in really close contact with the carpet surface to provide the deepest cleaning, removing the ground-in dirt. The cleaner's head smoothly glides over carpets and hardwood, so it steers easily. Besides, this head is also self-adjusting which means that it automatically adjusts from carpet surface to hard floors. The wand and hose can be released for more convenience when cleaning under furniture.

The 206900-01 Dyson is bagless. Instead, it contains a dust cup with a hygienic emptying: you just have to detach it and press the button to release the dirt.

This vacuum cleaner has a powerful HEPA filtration system that traps most allergens and bacteria. Besides, this system is certified by Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, so you can be sure that this vacuum cleaner is really asthma and allergy friendly. This filter is washable and doesn’t require replacement.

The Dyson 206900-01 ball multi-floor upright corded vacuum uses patented advanced Dyson Radial Root Cyclone technology. It increases the suction power to the maximum. Thanks to this, the cleaner captures more dirt, dust, and other tiny particles. It also prevents the vacuum cleaner from losing its suction power while cleaning.

The cleaner comes with 2 attachments. The first one is a stair tool, designed for simple and effective cleaning on stairs. The second one is a combination tool for flexible cleaning in hard-to-reach places.


The Dyson 206900-01 ball multi-floor upright corded vacuum has a yellow and iron color design. A large ball at the bottom part of the unit makes it look unusual. On top of it, you will see a dust cup. The handle is wide and convenient to hold.

This model has a low-profile design that ensures easier maneuverability and storage. The cleaner has a telescopic tube which is convenient to use when cleaning high-reach places.


Summing up this Dyson 206900-01 review, I can assert that this vacuum cleaner is truly universal. It’s suitable for hard floors and for carpets with long piles. A unique ball technology provides easy steering and great maneuverability. Its strong suction, along with Radial Root Cyclone technology, provides a thorough cleaning and help get rid of pet hair. A powerful HEPA filtration system will be really useful for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. The cleaner also offers such pleasant bonuses as hygienic emptying and lifetime washable filter.

Of course, it’s not very compact and portable, but it’s not a great issue for an upright model.

Main features

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Carpet Cleaner




Steam Cleaner


Multifunction Vacuum

Wet and Dry


Mobile App Controlled

Telescopic Tube

Full Bag Indicator

Turnable wheels

Detachable Handset

Hose Included

Special Feature

Triple Action Brush Roll

Brush On/Off

Suction Performance Indicator

Power Cord Length

30 feet


5 Year

Dust Collection


Vacuum Cord Type


On-Board Tools Included

TurboBrush Tool

Dusting Brush

Crevice Tool

Extension Wand




High Speed Roller Brush

Low Profile Design

Side Edge Brushes

Non-Marring Bumper

Permanent Belt

HushTone Technology



Vacuum Floor Type


Dual Action

Hard Floor

Home Vacuum Feature

HEPA Filtration



Washable Filter

Pet Hair



17.3 pounds


42.4 x 13.4 x 15.4 inches